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web-safe color palette

a set of 216 colors which display correctly on 8-bit monitors for both Macintosh and Windows machines. Each platform has an 8-bit color palette of 256 colors, but they only overlap for 216 of those colors. When colors that are…

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WebDAV stands for “Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning”. It is a set of extensions to the HTTP protocol which allows users to collaboratively edit and manage files on remote web servers.

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a collection of web documents that appear in a common framework to the user, either through the use of a common addressing scheme (a shared domain name or URL) or through the use of a unifying look and feel.

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website design

the process of designing the content, the look and feel, the structure, the navigation, and the implementation of a website.

Website designers are user interface designers who design for a specific domain which is challenging for the wide variety of…

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website maintenance

long-term support and growth of a website, which may involve: adding new materials, adding new categories and adjusting the organization and navigation, technical support, configuring to support new browsers and internet standards, updating the look, correcting and updating information, etc.…

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website topology

the structure of connections between pages on a website. Typical structures include:

hierarchy / tree – the most traditional is to organize a site into categories and subcategories. linear sequence – used for sequential stories or processes. matrix / grid

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(website design) a skeletal version of a website or product that represents navigational concepts and page content. The term is used in 2 broad ways:

A static wireframe or page schematic is a single drawing of an individual page template

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world-wide web; the collection of interlinked multimedia documents on the internet organized to enable easy navigation from one document to another, usually presented in HTML format.

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