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Glossary » wireframe


(website design) a skeletal version of a website or product that represents navigational concepts and page content. The term is used in 2 broad ways:

  • A static wireframe or page schematic is a single drawing of an individual page template that shows the information components, especially the navigation, that will appear on a page, in a rough form, so that navigation components can be documented and assessed. The drawing may suggest a basic visual layout, but doesn’t commit to any specific appearance.
  • A dynamic wireframe is a set of cross-linked pages acting as a functional prototype of the final website without the graphical components and often with only sketchy text content (e.g. “Product description goes here.”). It is often accompanied by a tree diagram or flowchart of the website. The wireframe does not address visual design or page layout.

(3d graphics) a 3-dimensional structure displayed by showing lines for each of its edges without representing surfaces or lighting.