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About Us

What’s the purpose of this website?

We want to provide valuable information about usability for anyone interested in the design of software or websites, from beginners to experts, in academia or in industry.

How was this website built?

The development of this website followed our traditional production process, starting from content development, rough sketches and mockups, and evolving to a finished design with periodic informal user testing. It is powered by WordPress and runs on Redhat Linux.

We’re counting on your feedback to continually improve the site.

How can I find a usability consultant?

Foraker offers usability consulting services, website design with an emphasis on usability, and other internet solutions.

Who’s behind Usability First?

Usability First is operated by Foraker Labs of Boulder, Colorado. Foraker Labs provides web application development and user-centered design services for clients around the world.

Tell me more about Foraker

The best way to find out more about us is to browse our website: www.foraker.com.

Our client listing will show you some of the work we’ve done: www.foraker.com/our-work.