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N-person view

a user interface that has explicit representations of each of N users. For instance, telepointers explicitly represent the pointer positions of each of the other participants in a conversation.

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natural language interface

a user interface that allows people to interact using a human language, such as English, as opposed to a computer language, command line interface, or graphical user interface. Natural language interfaces may be designed for understanding either written or spoken…

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natural language search query

a search that allows the user to enter the search query using natural language rather than a special search syntax. For instance: “What shipments have been received in the past 5 days from the west coast with a total value…

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navigation bar; a group of buttons or hyperlinks that are used to navigate through a website or through a set of screens. Each button is typically labeled with the title of the page it goes to and/or an appropriate icon.…

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finding things in large or complex information spaces, such as on websites. Some ways to help people navigate include:

showing miniatures or at least links to nearby or related areas providing a home page or top-level category showing navigation bars

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negative space

the space surrounding foreground elements; the background or whitespace. In graphic design theory, the shape of the negative space needs to be aesthetically pleasing to form a balanced composition. In certain types of layouts, the negative space may be just…

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polite ways of behaving on the internet, such as:

avoiding forwarding virus warnings without checking with your system administrator reading the frequently asked questions before posting to a newsgroup including the last-updated date on any web page containing information which

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newsgroups and mailing lists

similar in spirit to email systems except that they are intended for messages among large groups of people instead of 1-to-1 communication. In practice the main difference between newsgroups and mailing lists is that newsgroups only show messages to a…

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Natural GOMS Language. NGOMSL was developed as a formally defined version of CMN-GOMS based on cognitive complexity theory (CCT). It has a more structured hierarchy than CMN-GOMS and a well-defined analysis methodology for developing models. In addition to the execution…

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nominal-ordinal-interval-ratio. A mnemonic for remembering common data scales used in empirical measurement.

Nominal – a set of items that can be distinguished by name or category. Ordinal – items that can be ordered, such as military rank, or units of

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nomadic computing

being able to use a computer from anywhere, while traveling, while moving, without restrictions based on location, without necessarily the need to even find a power grid (by using batteries) or a phone wire (by using wireless communications).

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notification slip

a simple dialog box for providing information to a user (NewtonOS term).

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noun-verb paradigm

an approach to specifying commands to the computer, also called the select-then-operate paradigm. First an object or objects (representing some data — the nouns) are selected. Then an operation (or commands — the verb) is selected to perform some action…

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