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(WHI-ZEE-WIZ) what you see is what I see. A term used for groupware interfaces that guarantee that users see the same thing at all times. This design principle says that it is easiest for users to coordinate when they are…

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(WHI-ZEE-WHI-TEEZ) what you see is what I think you see. This design principle is a relaxation of WYSIWIS that indicates that it is useful to have customized interfaces for each user, but that it is still important for each user…

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(WHI-ZEE-WIG) what you see is what you get. A term used for direct-manipulation user interfaces.

The idea is that any operation that you visually perform is what is actually happening to the underlying data structure, and whatever you edit on…

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What You See is What You Need; a variation of WYSIWYG, advocating that the information that a user needs is actually immediately visually perceptual.

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