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technology push

technology development that is driven by ideas or capabilities created by the development organization in the absence of any specific need that customers may have. In technology push situations, innovations are created and then appropriate applications or user populations are…

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a method for prototyping and visualizing processes; a type of storyboard. In contrast to an ordinary storyboard, a timeline can be especially useful for displaying simultaneous processes, such as two people working simultaneously who need to coordinate their work at…

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unique selling point

USP; the differentiating factor that distinguishes a software product or website from its competitors. Its niche.

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usability consulting

offering services, primarily for software development organizations, to help them improve the usability of their products and improve their development processes to achieve more consistently usable results. Usability consultants usually offer such services as usability training, needs analysis, usability evaluation…

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Usability First

the principle that in designing software and other human artifacts, the most important goal is to design for usability. That is, design products for people that help them do their work in an effective and satisfying way.

Usability First™ is…

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virtual value chain analysis

a “virtual value chain” is a business model for the information services industry, developed by John Sviokla. The value chain starts with the Content provider, then goes to the Information Infrastructure for distribution and transactional support, and then to the…

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waterfall model

a traditional linear model of the software development process that suggests each phase of development could be completed independently and pass its results onto the next phase. Thus, a requirements phase would produce a requirements document that would then be…

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website maintenance

long-term support and growth of a website, which may involve: adding new materials, adding new categories and adjusting the organization and navigation, technical support, configuring to support new browsers and internet standards, updating the look, correcting and updating information, etc.…

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