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Collaborative Software (Groupware)

Collaborative Software, or Groupware, is any type of software designed for groups and for communication. This section provides a general overview of groupware, computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW), and associated design and usability issues.

Groupware Section Overview

  1. Introduction to Collaborative Software
    This section provides an introduction to the main ideas in groupware and computer-supported cooperative work and why it’s an important domain of interest in user interface design.
  2. Typical Collaborative Software Applications
    This section describes some of the main groupware application types, such as email, workflow, video, chat, and collaborative writing and drawing systems.
  3. Collaborative Software: Design Issues
    This section introduces some of the main issues that designers need to be aware of: the groupware design process, issues affecting the success of a groupware system, how people communicate, and how groups form and interact. We discuss many of the tradeoffs that must be considered.