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Glossary » Usability Methods

visual brainstorming

the process of generating a variety of graphical alternatives to a visual design problem, such as generating thumbnail sketches for a screen layout or various alternatives of an icon to represent an abstract concept.

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waterfall model

a traditional linear model of the software development process that suggests each phase of development could be completed independently and pass its results onto the next phase. Thus, a requirements phase would produce a requirements document that would then be…

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website maintenance

long-term support and growth of a website, which may involve: adding new materials, adding new categories and adjusting the organization and navigation, technical support, configuring to support new browsers and internet standards, updating the look, correcting and updating information, etc.…

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(website design) a skeletal version of a website or product that represents navigational concepts and page content. The term is used in 2 broad ways:

A static wireframe or page schematic is a single drawing of an individual page template

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within-subjects design

a study designed to make a comparison of 2 or more designs and that compares them by having each user try each design, measuring their performance for each design. The most common problem is that people learn over time, and…

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wizard of oz prototype

a prototype that only works by having someone behind-the-scenes who is pulling the levers and flipping the switches. The wizard of oz technique in user testing has a user interacting with an interface without knowing that the responses are being…

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